Welfare fraud essays

What about 40 years of "jobs programs" that produced nothing? Hundreds of millions of dollars went to companies like Allied Chemical, GM, New Process Gear and many others who grabbed the money and fled the state, leaving us with brownfields and a horrifically polluted lake. None of them were ever made to pay back a cent. Then the phony "shirt-changers" and companies on paper only, and for the last 40 years, with no accountability, and no prosecution for obvious "jobs" welfare fraud! This has gone on under various governors and various names, from "Empire Jobs" to now "NY Rising" and few to no jobs, and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars vanishing like snow in the spring, with no accountability anywhere, by our well-paid, fringed and pensioned CPA's and politicians who almost always look the other way. But they rant about "welfare" for the poor, while they pay/fringe themselves very well on tax dollars.

In the early 21st century, the Government of David Cameron has argued for a reduction of welfare spending in the United Kingdom as part of their programme of austerity . [24] Government ministers have argued that a growing culture of welfare dependency is perpetuating welfare spending, and claim that a cultural change is required to reduce the welfare bill. [25] Public opinion in the UK appears to support a reduction in welfare spending, however commentators have suggested that negative public perceptions are founded on exaggerated assumptions about the proportion of spending on unemployment benefit and the level of benefit fraud . [26] [27]

Welfare fraud essays

welfare fraud essays


welfare fraud essayswelfare fraud essayswelfare fraud essayswelfare fraud essays