Thickness of paper for dissertation

Paper Thickness  Paper Type Approx. Caliper (Thickness) Uncoated - Offset Paper 20lb / 50lb Offset text (uncoated) paper .0035" 24lb / 60lb Offset text (uncoated) paper .004" 28lb / 70lb Offset text (uncoated) paper .005" Uncoated Text Opaque 60lb Opaque text — uncoated .004" 70lb Opaque text — uncoated  80lb Opaque text- uncoated .0055" 100lb Opaque text — uncoated .007" 65lb Opaque Cover — uncoated .009" 80lb Opaque Cover — uncoated .011" (11pt thick) 100lb Opaque Cover — uncoated .014" (14pt thick) Gloss Coated Text Weight Paper 70lb Gloss text coated paper .0035" 80lb Gloss text coated paper .004" 100lb Gloss text coated paper .005" Text Weight Satin Coated 70lb Text Satin- coated paper .0038" 80lb Text Satin- coated paper .0045" 100lb Text Satin- coated paper .0055" Gloss Coated Cover Weight 80lb Gloss Coated paper .0075" () 100lb Gloss Coated paper .0092" (9pt) Satin Coated Cover Weight Paper 80lb Cover Satin Coated paper  .0081" (8pt) 100lb Cover Satin Coated paper .011" (11pt)

Thickness Gauge is a state of the art Thickness Gauge. These gauges can easily detect the thickness of nonmagnetic coating on a magnetic substrate or an Insulating coating on nonmagnetic conductive substrate (Non-Ferrous) utilizing on integrated Probe. We provide with in-built keys to restore calibration at any place, it facilitates user to calibrate instrument using standard foils of different thicknesses. These gauge are facilitated with features like fast scan mode, file compare and color waveform which increase their utility quotient in varied testing exercises.

Anything weighing more than 170gsm is generally classified as  board . At this weight a second measure can be used that indicates the thickness of the sheet. This measurement is given in  microns  where 1 micron = 1/1000 of a millimetre. This can be confusing as different sheets may weigh the same in GSM but have different thicknesses in microns. For example a piece of balsa wood and a piece of oak may be the same thickness but will weigh very different amounts. This is due to a number of factors during the manufacture of the board. These can include the type of coating on the board, the amount of virgin fibres used or bulkiness of the raw material.

Thickness of paper for dissertation

thickness of paper for dissertation


thickness of paper for dissertationthickness of paper for dissertationthickness of paper for dissertationthickness of paper for dissertation