Thesis protocol ppt

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However, if in either one of the above scenarios Victor issues a challenge other than the one she was expecting and for which she manufactured the result, then she will be unable to respond to the challenge under the assumption of infeasibility of solving the discrete log for this group. If she picked r {\displaystyle r} and disclosed C = g r mod p {\displaystyle C=g^{r}{\bmod {p}}} , then she will be unable to produce a valid ( x + r ) mod p − 1 {\displaystyle (x+r){\bmod {p-1}}} that would pass Victor's verification, given that she does not know x {\displaystyle x} . And if she picked a value r ′ {\displaystyle r'} that poses as ( x + r ) mod p − 1 {\displaystyle (x+r){\bmod {p-1}}} , then she would have to respond with the discrete log of the value that she disclosed – a value that she obtained through arithmetic with known values, and not by computing a power with a known exponent.

Thesis protocol ppt

thesis protocol ppt


thesis protocol pptthesis protocol pptthesis protocol pptthesis protocol ppt