Technology vs education essay

But to be comfortable using more technologies, teachers need more comprehensive tech support. “Technology has the potential to provide a bridge and a support to provide student-specific material and direct instruction to students,” explains Patricia Wright, VP of Professional Services at Rethink , which designs technologies to support special needs students. In order for tech to serve as a bridge, “the meat is localized implementation support,” says Wright, emphasizing its importance in making tech successful in special education classrooms. 

While the initial wave of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have succeeded in scaling the reach of formal school and university curricula to a broader audience, and should be applauded for doing so, they largely stay true to the traditional form and structure. You have to go to places such as YouTube, Slideshare or Soundcloud to find significant innovation. It is outside the established institutions that the majority of new content, formats and ideas are being developed. Khan Academy and TED are obvious examples but the truth is that there are now thousands of great learning channels scattered across the web.

Technology vs education essay

technology vs education essay


technology vs education essaytechnology vs education essaytechnology vs education essaytechnology vs education essay