Technology cons and pros essay

I agree with you completely, especially in regard’s to a teacher’s role in the delivering education. Unfortunately, not all school districts think the same way. In my district, when a student fails a class, instead of having to repeat the class in summer school or even the following school year, they are enrolled in online education classes to help them make up their missing credits. A student who applies themselves to completing the course could easily be finished with a semester’s worth of “work” in a week. I have heard students say that they will just take the online class rather than try in the teacher led course because “what’s the point?” In that respect, I think the availability of technology is a disservice to the education of the students.

I don’t agree with point 6 in the advantages.
It only works in theory, but in the real case it is never convenient under the financial balance.
First, in order to have a home plant that allows you to be net-indipendent it takes a very good quality which still has a very high cost (in italy where i write from the minimum for a 50 sqmeter flat is 7500 – 9000 euros) and, unless you have cash, you are forced to ask for a loan that lasts 10 years at least.
Second, the portion you sell to the network is paid less than you pay the portion you use from the network when you don’t produce (tipically night, rainy or cloudy days, etc).
Third, the governments and energy suppliers that govern the network are increasing the renewable quota in the electricity mix but they are raising the cost in the bill. Here in italy we have different sections in the bill amongst which one is called ‘componente A3’ which consists of a restitution in the bill of the financial support previously offered from the state to all that decided to use PV and renewables… that is… the state gives money to promote the renewables, some people use them, but we all have to pay back the financial support. This ‘componente A3’ has never lowered so far and in the last 7 years, because of renewables.
The result is that in Italy, and as far as i have been said from some friend of mine living in england and in spain, a new market is flourishing: people selling used PV plants and buying them second-hand in order to reduce the initial cost.

Technology cons and pros essay

technology cons and pros essay


technology cons and pros essaytechnology cons and pros essaytechnology cons and pros essaytechnology cons and pros essay