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In Kentucky, a teacher accepted into an alternative teacher preparation program who is still working on the requirements for certification is EQUAL to a fully certified teacher for hiring purposes. A person with a bachelor's degree can gain acceptance to an alternative teacher certification program and immediately look for a position as a special education teacher. While working as a special education teacher, they can work on the teacher certification requirements. This TEACHER IN TRAINING works under a Temporary Provisional Certificate for Teaching Exceptional Children. This person is NOT fully certified, but they are considered an EQUAL candidate to fully certified teachers for hiring purposes. The EPSB and KDE state this Temporary Provisional Certificate is not an emergency or probationary certificate, but it really is. We just do not call it that, because the individual is enrolled in an alternative teacher preparartion program. Again our state does not call this emergency certification. However according to a couple of researchers that have studied alternative preparation certification programs Feistritzer and Chester (2000), some alternative certification programs are a form of emergency certification. This Temporary Provisional Certification appears to be emergency certification in new clothes. We just no longer call people emergency certified, if they are enrolled in a university based alternative teacher preparation program. I find it wrong for an individual that is less than fully certified to be able to compete EQUALLY for a job against a fully certified teacher. It does not make sense, but I assure you it happens. There are temporary provisonal certificates offered in other areas besides special education. There is a KRS and KAR that regulate this.

This report examines traditional teacher preparation in classroom management, which is a struggle for many teachers, especially new ones. It studies over 100 programs, both elementary and secondary, graduate and undergraduate. The report identifies the classroom management strategies that garner the strongest research support and looks at the extent to which programs teach and offer practice in these strategies in instructional and clinical coursework, as well as in student teaching.
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Teachers coursework

teachers coursework


teachers courseworkteachers courseworkteachers courseworkteachers coursework