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A Certain Demi-Fiend's Return : To Aru Majutsu no Index/Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne: We all know that the Imagine Breaker's true purpose is to hold back a horribly powerful entity within Touma, but what if that thing wasn't what anyone thought? When the alchemist Aureolus Izzard sliced off his arm during the Deep Blood incident, the seal broke and a different force was released at Touma's disposal: his old power and a few of his Magatama. He was the Hitoshura, the Demi-fiend that clawed his way through the end of the world and forced God's creation avatar, Kagutsuchi, to bring back his world. Still bereft of memories, he can no longer count on negating his enemy's powers, but has more raw power than he can effectively use without those memories. With an entity that dangerous running around, both the magic and science sides scramble to contain, recruit, or destroy him even if they don't understand what he is, while demons respond to his return eagerly for their own reasons. And yes, Lucifer does know Aleister Crowley and vice-versa.

23/07/14 - Well, things have been a bit hectic since i got back from my holiday without internet, but i thought i'd write a bit here about what happened, at least as far as my writing goes anyway. When i first started writing the Golden Prophecies i was lucky if i could do 400 words a night, imagine my surprise when i found myself belting off 1000 words per night easily, and not just that, the quality of what i'd written had definitely improved considerably. All in all i think that it's safe to say that my fanfiction writing has improved my ability considerably. I'm definitely going to have to see about working in more time to work of my original work during the weekends.

Summon night ex thesis yoake

summon night ex thesis yoake


summon night ex thesis yoakesummon night ex thesis yoakesummon night ex thesis yoakesummon night ex thesis yoake