Sports day essay for upsr

Our family is not really well-off but still consider ok. We tried to lighten their burdens by being excel.
Trying to study well, there is a lot of memorizing and exercising needed in Chinese school —-> tons of homework.
Luckily my father always give us least pressure, what he always remind us is just “did u tried your best? if yes, that’s enough.”
Being a teacher now, we understand that if we practice enough there is no memorizing needed. Just that our old school teacher did not tell us why we need to do so previously.
Apparently, a lot of current students/parents don’t like homework and memorizing which is why they are turned off from Chinese school but probably it is also being lessened now since the teachers also being replaced by the younger generation.

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Sports day essay for upsr

sports day essay for upsr


sports day essay for upsrsports day essay for upsrsports day essay for upsrsports day essay for upsr