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In order to ensure that students are not ‘tracked’ to the NYS CDOS Commencement Credential in a way that diminishes the students’ opportunities to graduate with a regular high school diploma, State regulations provide that where the State finds that a school district has awarded this credential to more than 20 percent of the students with disabilities in the cohort and where such credential is not a supplement to a regular high school diploma, the State has the authority to redirect the district’s use of a portion of the district’s Part B Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grant funds for targeted activities to ensure that students with disabilities have appropriate access to participate and progress in the general education curriculum necessary to earn a regular high school diploma. The State will make a district-by-district determination as to whether redirection of such funds is warranted.

PAS 5251 – History and Physical Examination I (2 credits)
This is the first in a series of courses designed to develop knowledge and skills required to obtain and record the complete medical history and perform a physical examination. This includes use of appropriate diagnostic equipment, proper examination techniques, and the use of accurate medical terminology to document findings. Emphasis is placed on developing skills in recognition of the “range of normal” physical findings. The course emphasizes patient-centered interviewing, acquiring a medical database, and performing a comprehensive physical examination. A combination of lectures, discussion, case studies and performance skills labs will be used to present and practice the necessary concepts and skills.
Lab sessions are used to optimize teaching of concepts. The student will be required to demonstrate Competency Based Learning during the performance of the required procedures and skills. In the laboratory section of this course the emphasis is in “hands-on” experiences in which students practice and perform select procedures on classmates, simulated patients, models, and/or partial task trainers.
Prerequisite: Successful completion or remediation of summer coursework

Referral coursework

referral coursework


referral courseworkreferral courseworkreferral courseworkreferral coursework