Referencing academic essays

The "author-date" method of parenthetical referencing is sometimes referred to as the "Harvard style" or the "Harvard system", so named after it was first used in a paper on "the embryogenesis of the garden slug" published by "the eminent zoologist Edward Laurens Mark (1847–1946), Hersey professor of anatomy and director of Harvard's zoological laboratory until his retirement in 1921", in which Mark included an author-date citation in parentheses on page 194. [1] The "author-date" method was later attributed to him and named after Harvard, though it never became affiliated officially with that university.

Remember that no reference management tool will format every reference perfectly, especially if you use an in-browser tool to extract reference information from a webpage. You may need to add, amend or remove elements of the reference, either manually within the reference management tool, or once your list is exported to Word. University of Worcester students may wish to use the  Cite Them Right Online  website to check their referencing. It provides examples of in-text citations as well as full references for a whole range of document types, both in print and online. We've also included some common reference examples on our FAQ pages . Always proof-read your work before submission.

Referencing academic essays

referencing academic essays


referencing academic essaysreferencing academic essaysreferencing academic essaysreferencing academic essays