Public management thesis topics

HPM 772 – Techniques for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care (3)
Permission of instructor required. This course provides an investigation of the theory, methods, and application of economic evaluation to health care. Topics include basic methods used to identify policy issues, structure an economic evaluation, measure and summarize health outcomes and estimate their value to patients or to the public, and identify resources used and estimate their costs.
Section: 001
Instructor: Wheeler
Days and Time: TR; 2:00 – 3:15 pm
Location: MC 1304

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An academic advisor (either the Divisional or Regional Campus centralized advisor or a Divisional or Regional Campus faculty member) is assigned to students at the time of admission. MPH students who elect a concentration will be required to add one additional member to their committee to represent the concentration (unless the advisor also represents the concentration). If a student chooses to complete a written culminating experience (., thesis), a second member may be added from within or outside the School. Committee membership is approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. During evaluation week at the end of each Fall and Spring semesters, each MPH student meets with his or her advisory committee to review the academic plan and the student s progress toward completion of the degree program.

Public management thesis topics

public management thesis topics


public management thesis topicspublic management thesis topicspublic management thesis topicspublic management thesis topics