Physiotherapy personal statement

My acceptance of new ideas and willingness to try alternative experiences has led me to develop a range of diverse interests including contemporary architectural design, conceptual automobile design, technological gadgetry and social comedy. Their striking visual stimulation and controversial nature enthral me. Trance, classical and R'n'B are at the heart of my broad ranging music tastes, while skydiving, bungee-jumping, rock climbing and free- running are all activities I wouldn't hesitate to participate in. I feel this expresses my enthusiasm to live life to its fullest and have a career that allows others to do the same.

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“I am currently studying for a BSc in Physiotherapy. I have particularly enjoyed the Respiratory Physiotherapy modules and my experience on clinical placements in this area. In addition, I am about to begin my final year research project on ‘The effectiveness of manual versus ventilator manual hyperinflation in infants.’ My interest in this area has also been stimulated by lectures from visiting clinical specialists in from various university teaching hospitals and from ISCP conferences I have attended. From the theoretical and practical experience I have gained, I realised that I would like to study Respiratory Physiotherapy in more depth with the aim of eventually undertaking further research in this fascinating field…….”

Physiotherapy personal statement

physiotherapy personal statement


physiotherapy personal statementphysiotherapy personal statementphysiotherapy personal statementphysiotherapy personal statement