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Given that touch typing is an automatic skill it is logical to associate an expert typist with fast typing but a better description might be accurate typing. The principal benefit of touch typing, for the student typist, is that data input via a keyboard no longer requires conscious thought, or, visual confirmation.

  • While composing a letter or essay it is no longer necessary for the writer to interrupt their train of thought to scan the keyboard for the location of a particular key, or, to correct a typing mistake.
  • A touch typist copying from a source text doesn't need to divide their attention between the source, screen and keyboard as an untrained typist would but can turn their full attention to the source text, confident that their touch typing skill will translate thought into data input without error.
These are attainable benefits resulting from constant practice. The end result can be demonstrated as an impressive display of typing speed, where the typist's fingers keep pace with thought, but the underlying demonstration is one of reliable accuracy that typing practice has elevated to speed.

To be honest I didn’t find this review very helpful – all it did was leave me deflated . The reason I am looking at proofreading software is because I do not have somebody like your wife on hand to check my stuff and really don’t want to be forking out $15 – $20 every time I need a proof reader – and end up waiting hours or even overnight — and no, I’m not interested in a proofreading service. It’s too expensive when you’re churning out lots of copy. I just need something that will catch some of the errors that slip through. I also don’t find Word to be particularly good – I just wish there was some software that could do a good job.
Thanks anyway.

Send the Initial Test with your CV and covering letter to: Natasha Andrew, Proofreader Support, ZigZag Education, Unit 3, Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol BS10 5PY. In your cover letter please let us know if you have any particular subject specialisms, . if you have a Science degree, if you speak another language or if you have studied Music to a high level.
Please ensure you send this with the correct amount of postage ; ordinary postage stamps often fall a few pence short of the postage cost for a large document and this can prevent them from being delivered.

Online proofreading tests

online proofreading tests


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