Mossbauer thesis

• Dr. Praveen Saini, Dr. Priyadarshini Parakh and Dr. Vikash Kumar were awarded Degrees in the Convocation held on 13th of August 2017  Congrats!      • Ms. Aruna Chandra Singh,  Research Fellow,  received the “Best Paper Presentation award” for the research paper entitled  “Quartz Crystal Nano-balance based immunosensor for detection of 17 β -Estradiol in water”  at the 4 th International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology  (ICONN 2017)  jointly organized by SRM University, Chennai,  India  and Shizuoka University,  Japan  during 09-11 August 2017. Congrats!
  • Prof. Ranjan Dey, awarded the BSCA Maanpatra Sanman on 15th April 2017 at Allahabad, for distinction in the field of education for the year of 2016-17 • Prof. Mainak Banerjee, Prof. P. Bhavana, Prof. Behera, Dr. Jayadevan & Prof. Amrita Chatterjee   received SERB funding  Congrats!

In this development upon four previous papers [1][2][3][4], we shall finally explain the link between the idea of “time” and “energy”, in bringing the idea of parity between time and energy while explaining why quantum entanglement [5] as a concept is “immediate” (seeming to break the confines of time itself). First, we shall integrate the idea of time as energy into all the references made regarding energy in the four preceding papers, to demonstrate the consistency and greater detail available to the theory via this method of time-energy regard. Then, we shall derive the temperature of the background microwave radiation [6] in expanding upon paper 4, suggesting a “reverse” process to entropy is in play regarding the cosmic background microwave radiation and associated heat/temperature generation. Finally, we will then be able to propose the nature of the appearance of the universe of stars in this new context, through this new filter of time-energy regard.
Category: Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Mossbauer thesis

mossbauer thesis


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