Manipulated in fight club

In porn, the question of consent can be tricky (and the growing phenomenon of amateur porn makes it even trickier). For example, if one of the participants doesn’t know there’s a camera running, then the porn is not consensual, even if the sex is. Right? What if a person consented to be filmed, but not to have the film shown to anyone else? What if someone manipulated their partner into being filmed in the first place, like making him or her worry that they’d blackmail them if they didn’t cooperate? Or what if a person agreed to have sex, but in the middle, their partner suddenly started doing something that the person who initially gave consent didn’t expect? Did he or she still give consent?

America was started by white Europeans invading the western hemisphere
and committing genocide against 250 million indigenous people and taking
their land, with 10 million alone in the US that were killed and the
remaining 2 million put on reservations, which are nothing more than
glorified concentration camps. The US is doing the same thing in the
Middle East now with these regime change wars to control all Oil in the
world, too control over 500 million Arabs and their Oil wealth, and use
Israel as its Nuclear armed land aircraft carrier in the midst of these
Arab nations too intimidate with fear, while the US and Europeans do any
evil and treacherous act to prevent any Arab country from having
Nuclear weapons. The US economy was bootstrapped with one of the
greatest crimes against Humanity, with the slave trade that committed
genocide against 50 million Africans. It is they who should all go back
to Europe, to before the time they left Europe and began the longest
reign of terror against non-white people in history, too take their
lands over. Racism is a mental illness, created by white people too rule
over non-white people. They have no shame with the horrific crimes
against humanity that they still do today. They are insane and the whole
non-white world are right to resist and reverse this dynamic, all 92%
of this earth are non-whites. They dare to tell anyone to leave a land
that they still occupy today as an extension of European colonialism as
proof of their insane hypocrisy.

Manipulated in fight club

manipulated in fight club


manipulated in fight clubmanipulated in fight clubmanipulated in fight clubmanipulated in fight club