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The growth in the quantity of traffic tends to increase problem in major cities therefore, it has lead issue of congestion in the peak travel hours. they can be solved by having various traffic zones and improving the public transportation system offered to the public.
Firstly, places should be divided into different zone, such as traffic free zone, school zone, heavy vehicle zone. Such areas must be traveled in a strict rule so that no misuse can cause traffic problem. Mostly in the main cities where most important work are to be finalized within a short period of time, one has to struggle half of the time in traffic to get to the destination. If provided free traffic zone t these areas, it will positively solve the problem of congestion and help smooth flow of work more easy and conveniently.
Moreover, people’s improve their health unknowingly doing walking exercise.
Another measure to control traffic problem is through making public transportation more available to the public. Government transportation should be accessible in different parts of country, mostly in cities in a large number. Frequent travel time and cheaper fare will increase in use of public transport in which people feel more comfortable and convenient in using these transportation rather than their own, undoubtedly, decrease congestion through fewer vehicles. People are motivated in saving money if provided minimal fare in government vehicle. More flow of public transport helps people prefer to use such transport most. thus, the less use of private vehicle will obviously play a vital role in minimizing traffic congestion.
In a conclusion, traffic problems can be solved easily if different zones are adopted strictly as well as the government implement more flexible travel rate and increase number of transportation to public.

Interesting question! First of all, I’d separate out ‘chapter one’ from the introduction. The introduction is where you do all the groundwork that lets you get on with your argument. In some fields, ‘chapter one’ is actually a literature review – that is, you go through all the material published on your subject and outline the state of play. This will depend on your discipline, and it’s best to check with your supervisor what the expectations are in your field. To my mind, the introduction is about laying out the foundations on which you will start building your argument in chapter one, so it should include some broad background to the study, but shouldn’t try to make minute points about previous scholarship which would be better addressed in the relevant chapters as you construct your argument.

“Some novice writers suffer from the sense that there isn’t much significance to their research because they are looking for significance in an unduly broad sense. Remembering that the current work needs to be valuable in the narrower context of the existing work in the field…” I couldn’t help thinking that ‘significance’ here could also include / be replaced by ‘originality ‘. For postgrad researchers, I really like this reminder that the significance/originality expected of the PhD research is not so daunting as it might often sound, but is actually quite an achievable goal.

Introduction thesis writing unsw

introduction thesis writing unsw


introduction thesis writing unswintroduction thesis writing unswintroduction thesis writing unswintroduction thesis writing unsw