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She said the United States should be a "democracy of superiors only," with superiority defined by being rich. Well, we got it. As the health care crisis has shown, today, the rich have the real power: The vote that matters is expressed with a checkbook and a lobbyist. We get to vote only for the candidates they have pre-funded and receive the legislation they have preapproved. It's useful—if daunting—to know that there is a substantial slice of the American public who believe this is not a problem to be put right, but morally admirable.

Songstress Gabriella had a number 1 hit single in Greece with HitThe Road Jack and her brand of electro-pop is influenced by Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. Her ambition is to launch a successful career in the UK pop charts so Gabriella is focused on writing and performing her music as much as possible. The half-Greek 23-year old is the only cast member who went to a state school but definitely has a taste for the finer things in life and rarely leaves Chelsea. The most expensive item in her wardrobe is a £1500 Donna Karen dress.

Interesting biographies to read

interesting biographies to read


interesting biographies to readinteresting biographies to readinteresting biographies to readinteresting biographies to read