Genetic essay

A variety of theories have been proposed over the years to explain why sexual reproduction may be more advantageous than asexual reproduction , and, for that matter, why sexual reproduction even exists at all. For years everyone accepted the general proposition that sex is good for evolution because it creates genetic variety, which, in turn, is useful in adapting to constantly changing and challenging environments. But it may give organisms a very different kind of edge.

Dolly the sheep was cloned by taking udder cells from a donor sheep. These cells were than cultured in a low nutrient medium to make the genes switch off and become dormant. Then an unfertilized egg was taken from another sheep. The nucleus of this egg cell was removed by using a micropipette and then the egg cells were fused with the udder cells using a pulse of electricity. The fused cells developed like normal zygotes and became embryos. These embryos were then implanted into another sheep who’s role was to be the surrogate mother. One lamb was born successfully and called Dolly. Dolly was genetically identical to the sheep from which the udder cells were taken.

Genetic essay

genetic essay


genetic essaygenetic essaygenetic essaygenetic essay