Essay on mountaineering

In the mountaineering context, a bivouac or "biv(v)y" is a makeshift resting or sleeping arrangement in which the climber has less than the full complement of shelter, food and equipment that would normally be present at a conventional campsite. This may involve simply getting a sleeping bag and Bivouac sack/bivvy bag and lying down to sleep. Typically bivvy bags are made from breathable waterproof membranes, which move moisture away from the climber into the outside environment while preventing outside moisture from entering the bag. Many times small partially sheltered areas such as a bergschrund , cracks in rocks or a trench dug in the snow are used to provide additional shelter from wind. These techniques were originally used only in emergency; however some climbers steadfastly committed to alpine style climbing specifically plan for bivouacs in order to save the weight of a tent when suitable snow conditions or time is unavailable for construction of a snow cave. The principal hazard associated with bivouacs is the greater level of exposure to cold and other elements present in harsh conditions high on the mountain.

di ko alam kung bakit gustong gusto nyo ang North Face .. not unless plan nyo na mag subzero climb then buy those european brand thats designed for 4 season… they design their equipment for 4 season…. pag dito sa pinas better think of kung suitable ba ang gamit nyo sa weather satin…. think of the element … PUTIK, ULAN, INIT… and the more na pangit ang gamit mo the more chance na pwede mong iwanan sa campsite walang magnanakaw… be smart. 20 yrs ago pangit ang mga gamit ko pero matibay naman. walang naginteres na magnakaw choosy kasi magnanakaw dati. ewan ko ngayo baka di na choosy.

Essay on mountaineering

essay on mountaineering


essay on mountaineeringessay on mountaineeringessay on mountaineeringessay on mountaineering