Essay about hungar

The effects on world hunger not having food to eat, hopes for millions of people to survive like you and I. People learned to live life without money to buy food, food dumping near them, and the lack of resources.  The economy has a major impact on world hunger. As people losing their jobs and food prices going up, it makes it harder for those who don’t have food to get food. Food dumping by people and companies makes it harder for those people to get food because good food is being thrown away instead of giving it away tho the ones that needs it the most. Poverty is a reason in which world hunger is created. Because of the lack of poverty, it makes it harder for the poor to get food. Many of the poor look for food in the trash cans because they don’t have money to buy the food they need. Food is the main nutrient that a person’s body needs. A person’s body needs a diet of about 2,000 and if those who can’t get any nutrients have a weaker learning system. In addition, diseases are created because food is not being consumed in the body like parasites and deadly diseases. Ways that people can help out the needed ones is donate food to a local charity or a food bank. Today, we see many things happening in the world but this shouldn’t be an obstacle to start a change and help out the ones who need it the most. Keep in mind that if we donate food, it will save someone’s life’s and will make a person smile. A smile can brighten up your day when you know you did something nice for someone else. Be the example and a leader and start helping out those who need it by donating anything you have. This can save up two lives. Make a change.

Katniss's story is one of adolescent growth, as she learns to accept her passionate side as a strength, and additionally to translate that into a revolutionary zeal. Fire is traditionally an image of strong passion. But the irony is that when Cinna establishes her as "the girl who was on fire," she doesn’t yet realize what he sees in her. Through the novel, she learns to rely on this part of herself, which is reflecting in her desire to keep her fingernails painted. By the end, she no longer needs the spectacle of fire to accept her firey personality. Fire is also the key to survival and strategy throughout – lighting fires is how she tries to distract the Careers in several cases, and the Gamemakers use fire at one point to attack her. All of this suggests that strength for Katniss will come first from accepting her passionate side, and then afterwards learning to control her passions to become a powerful figure.

Essay about hungar

essay about hungar


essay about hungaressay about hungaressay about hungaressay about hungar