Dissertation sample size

Dear Gert,
I understand you do market research but maybe you could help over this (same principle). I want to conduct a simple descriptive assessment on the healthcare behaviors of patients in a specific department of a public sector health facility (specifically I would like to know for eg if the patients come to this facility for 2nd opinion, if this facility is their first choice, why do they choose it, would they go to a private facility if they could afford it etc.). I am struggling a bit with: 1)sample size (as I am not sure which size of the population should I choose (is it the average number of patients admitted to this department by day, or by week ,or by month??), 2)the period over which I should be conducting the study (should I choose one day per week and question all patients coming into the department during that day say for a month, or 2; or maybe 2 days a week on a period of 1 month etc.)
Hope you would be able to help!

In basic terms, "Statistical Power" is the likelihood of achieving a statistically significant result if your research hypothesis is actually true. In other words, if the null hypothesis is false, what is the probability that your "sample" will produce statistically significant results at the p < level of significance? If the likelihood is good (., at least 80% chance), for an acceptable "effect size", then your sample size would be considered adequate (. statistically powerful).

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Dissertation sample size

dissertation sample size


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