Clockwork orange paper term

Also, I’m not completely knowledgeable on numerology, but I noticed a lot of 6’s and 666’s throughout the film. The two most notable include the medicine bottle used for the vitamins during Alex’s brainwashing is marked as 114 which adds up to 6. The other instance is after Alex has tried to snuff himself and is in the hospital. The hospitals nurse holds up pictures for Alex with half of a conversation and he is supposed to fill in the other half. One picture the nurse holds up is with two people and a bunch of clocks. Each clock points to 3 PM. There are 6 clocks. When you add two of each clock up together you get 666.

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  • Clockwork orange paper term

    clockwork orange paper term


    clockwork orange paper termclockwork orange paper termclockwork orange paper termclockwork orange paper term