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As a matter of fact, that is exactly what happened, from the day of Pentecost onward. Most people think that the church started in Jerusalem and then spread to Judea and Samaria and only began “foreign missions” after the ministry of the apostle Paul started. While the overall pattern in that understanding is true and shown in a study of the book of Acts, the fact is that even on the day of Pentecost, there were people present from all over the known world, and these people went home after the feast and the gospel and the church spread widely, years before Paul was even saved, much less began his own mission. The book of Romans in our Bible is an example of Paul writing to a church years before he was ever in that city. Years before any apostle visited the city of Rome, a thriving church was there and Paul was able to write to a mature church. Who started this church? Only God knows, but it was probably a result of the people who went forth from the day of Pentecost! Foreign Missions actually began on the very first day of the church!

But he says while the situation felt unacceptable, he viewed it as “a good life experience”, and after six weeks he set off for Uganda. But his bag was stolen at the bus station when he was leaving Kenya and upon arrival in Uganda he discovered he’d have to backtrack to Nairobi to fulfil insurance requirements. When he visited the orphanage, he found the situation had worsened. The children hadn’t been fed for more than a day and had minimal supervision. So he and his friend used the remainder of their travel money to buy some beds and books, and to fund medical treatment.

Charity begins home essays

charity begins home essays


charity begins home essayscharity begins home essayscharity begins home essayscharity begins home essays