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Vamping for the Politico photo shoot, Rather brought out a costume and props: He wears a trenchcoat and carries a reporter’s notebook, as though he’s ready to pump Kid Rock for sources. The picture brings to mind the 2005 New Yorker profile by Ken Auletta, in which a pathetic Rather, desperate to prove he’s something more than a performer reading scripts, is seen lunging for phones and asking about meetings that took place as usual without him. He’s a daffy, irrelevant figure who, when an outsider came to profile him, “pretended to be more involved in shaping the daily broadcast — barking orders, assigning stories, writing copy — than he actually was.” That’s Dan Rather: fake newsman.

Scott Pelley is an adult among children. Maybe a lot of Americans don’t like people who think and talk like adults. Pelley was on the topic of global warming as fact when most of the mainstream news was treating it (and largely still does) as a quaint idea. He understands that refugeeism is not a temporary thing but a foreshadowing of things to come. He was conscientious about massacre in Gaza when our whole Congress said unanimously: “Bring it on!” Scott does not tell bedtime stories even though that seems to be what the Market (what “we the people”) seem to favor these days. I think that in a pursuit of a few more millions, poor little Les Moonves has caved to a quest for ratings and the world of former Fox-News director David Rhodes. Shows that Moonves intends to duck his rendezvous with destiny and tred without distinction his way to dusty death. The CBS News should be renamed the BS News–and I intend to watch it no more once Pelley is gone.

Cbs essay news photo

cbs essay news photo


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