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Listening figures remained strong and Rajars (Radio Joint Audience Research) confirmed it the most listened to London show by 15-34-year-olds. Co-hosted by a friend, Winston Gordon, his show persists in being the prime place for hearing the best upfront UK Garage, Bassline beats and classics. To enable EZ an extra hour of air time, Kiss FM agreed in March 2014 to move his show to Thursdays 9pm – Midnight slot. Due to booking demands worldwide, in September 2014, EZ had to make an extremely important decision that would mean an end to his weekly radio show.
At the core of DJ EZ’s heart, radio has both hugely influenced his music career and prompted club success where he promotes the sound that he lives and breathes.

So he's basically saying nowadays people just don't have that motivation or that thing that says, "This is it, and I'm going to make this the best thing, and I'm going to do the best at this thing. I'm gonna be better at this thing than anybody else." And I don't know if that's a symptom of the iPhone, disconnected generation, the Facebook age or if it's something that every person that reaches my age looks back and sees in the upcoming generations. You remember your grandfather bitching about, "These kids, they think this and that," walking up hills in the snow both ways [to school], all that crap. But I think somewhere along the line I understood that, and it might be inspiration from my father, from my mother, I don't know... But if you're gonna play Monopoly, you're in it all the way. No matter where you land. It doesn't matter if you don't own Park Place. If you decided to play, you're gonna play it better than you did yesterday and better than the person next to you.

Biography mean

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